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I am Louis Dace – CEO for Dace IT LLC d/b/a Sense Traffic Pulse™.

Our mission is Democratizing Intelligent Video Analytics by “Empowering people with Computer Vision and On-Demand Intelligent Video Analytics & Media Analysis solutions that detect, analyze, count, engage and work with IoT”.

Dace IT with Sense Traffic Pulse™ & Microsoft are here to help you understand how a modern workplace solution from Microsoft can help empower employees, engage customers, and optimize operations, let’s see how we can help your organization by leveraging Microsoft 365, a business application solution, and Microsoft Azure to empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products.

For organizations across all industries, Azure IoT can help solve a common set of business challenges, to fuel innovation and digital transformation.

The business outcomes:
Our mission is to help organizations reach their goals, Dace IT with Sense Traffic Pulse™ and Microsoft is delivering a digital strategy that includes Azure IoT, AI and advanced analytics that delivers actionable insights.

IoT Solutions
With IoT solutions, everyday things can be IoT-enabled: office buildings, conveyor belts, food processing plants, delivery vehicles, elevators, production lines, retail shelves, retail checkouts, vending machines, drilling equipment, and so on. The technological enhancements that IoT offers enable organizations to increase operational efficiency, deliver better customer experiences, increase levels of security, enhance workplace safety, and reduce costs.

IoT can be envisioned as a set of technologies connected across three main areas:

Things: Physical “things,” with embedded sensors, that are connected to the Internet. These things send telemetry data.
Insights: The results from processing and analyzing the data. IoT real-time analysis, machine learning, and other back-end processes, produce these insights.

Actions: The automated, or manual, response to the insights. Actions include the automated changing of device settings, a manual intervention to repair a piece of equipment, or an update to a computer system that is not working optimally.

With Azure IoT, we can build intelligence across your organization by bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to the solution.

Many industries can benefit by innovating with IoT. Microsoft Industries solutions for which we target includes:

Transportation and logistics
Energy and natural resources
Financial services
Smart buildings, and smart cities.

Our connected manufacturing Connected manufacturing is the ability to manage production lines, or other similar applications, using embedded IoT devices and sensors. The renewable energy industry uses real-time performance monitoring of solar panel production lines.

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) our service includes computer system design; software development using Computer-vision, AI (Artificial Intelligent) for IoT (Internet of Things). Our computer code models are based on open source computer codes from Intel Openvino™.

As your software vendor, we invite you to authorize us to be your Microsoft indirect reseller. Your business relationship with Microsoft remains in place, and you will get access to a broader selection of products through our organization, and features such as remote user and service management and improved support.

Click the following link to accept this invitation and to authorize Dace IT?with Sense Traffic Pulse™ to be your Microsoft indirect reseller. Should you have any questions, please contact us through the email or phone number provided below.


Note: User with Global Admin permission is required to accept relationship. Customer address must be completed first (https://admin.microsoft.com/Adminportal/Home?#/BillingAccounts/billing-accounts) before using the acceptance link above.

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Louis Dace – CEO
Dace IT LLC d/b/a
Sense Traffic Pulse™
(702) 518-6335

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Dace IT LLC d/b/a Sense Traffic Pulse™ is a Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)