Democratizing Intelligent Video Analytics!

Empowering People with On-Demand Intelligent Video Analytics that detect, analyze, count & engage with IoT for actionable insights

  • Edge Video Analytics Microservices SaaS

    We are deeply focused on getting hidden actionable insight in video metadata while boosting the productivity of people who analyze video and media.

    Dace IT℠Edge Video Analytics Microservices SaaS 
  • OpenVINO™ Smart-City Reference Implementation

    In today's age of accelerated digital transformation, public organizations at the federal, state and local levels are actively seeking solutions for migrating data, workloads and applications to the cloud.

    OpenVINO Smart Cities Reference Implementation 
  • Dace IT℠Intelligent Traffic Management

    Intelligent Traffic Management and Smart City Solutions and Software applications as well as the experience and know-how to enable the public sector and business organizations to implement maximum-performance broadband and digital transformation with intelligent video analytic cloud deployed IoT solutions in minimum time.

    Dace IT℠with Intel OpenVINO™ Intelligent Traffic Management 2021 
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