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Dace IT℠

Dace IT℠Intelligent Traffic Management 2022

Dace IT℠Intelligent Traffic Management 2022

OpenVINO™ Toolkit smart city vm implements aspects of smart city sensing, analytics and management

The smart city reference pipeline integrates various media building blocks, with analytics powered by the OpenVINO™ Toolkit, for traffic or stadium sensing, analytics and management tasks. This Intel E2E sample implements aspects of smart city sensing, analytics and management features:

  • Camera Provisioning: Tag and calibrate cameras for installation locations, calibration parameters and other usage pattern information.
  • Camera Discovery: Discover and register IP cameras on specified IP blocks. Registered cameras automatically participate into the analytics activities. See Sensor Simulation and Discovery for additional details.
  • Recording: Record and manage segmented camera footage for preview or review (at a later time) purpose.
  • Analytics: Perform analytics on the live/recorded camera streams. Latency-sensitive analytics are performed on Edge while others are on cloud.
  • Triggers and Alerts: Manage triggers on analytics data. Respond with actions on triggered alerts.
  • Smart Upload and Archive: Trans code and upload only critical data to cloud for archival or further offline analysis.
  • Stats: Calculate statistics for planning/monitoring purpose on analytical data.
  • UI: Present above data to users/administrators/city planners.
  • Scenarios
    These OpenVINO™ Toolkit Smart Cities Reference VM implements the Smart City traffic and Smart Stadium scenarios. The traffic scenario measures vehicle/pedestrian flow for planning purpose. The stadium scenario focuses on different access control techniques, including entrance people counting, service-point queue counting and stadium seating zone crowd counting.

    Dace IT℠ with Sense Traffic Pulse™ offers rate plans that can work within your organization's budget to customize and extend the sensors, offices and scenario maps for OpenVINO Smart Cities and Smart Stadium Reference Implementation scenarios.

    Democratizing Intelligent Video Analytics

    Dace IT℠ - Empowering people with Computer Vision and On-Demand Intelligent Video Analytics & Media Analysis solutions that detect, analyze, count, engage and work with IoT.

    Sense Traffic Pulse™ develops cost-effective, scale-able and rapid-to-deploy IoT and video content analysis solutions which turns video and media into a gold mine. Get Big Data from Live and Recorded Media and Video.

    Dace IT℠ d/b/a Sense Traffic Pulse™ is a Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders, the Alliance offers its Members unique access to Intel® technology, expertise, and go-to-market support—accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions.

    On Demand Intelligent Video Analytics for AI, Internet of Things (IoT) & Machine Learning.

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